The New Brisant E Anti Snap Lock and How It Can Work for You

Let’s take a look at the new Brisant E Anti Snap lock. At first glance it is obvious that this lock was designed for a locksmith. This amazing lock provides snap resistance from both sides. The lock itself is silver with a brass key way, which means a locksmith does not have to worry about obtaining additional colors or sizes, because it is all the same. The best thing about this new lock is that as long as a customer has at least one key left, it will be easy to obtain a duplicate. Why is this lock special? Well, read the following.

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Does this new lock work? – Anti Snap Lock

This is usually one of the first questions that we receive whenever a new lock comes out. The answer is yes, of course it works or it would not be on the market. It has been tested with tools that a standard burglar would use. Usually a burglar would use a big flat screwdriver and mole grips. As Forchun and Son locksmith Seattle WA we are dedicated to providing quality locks to all of our customers, and we test them too. After being tested with the burglar tools, it was determined that this lock is successful for keeping the average burglar out. Even using a screwdriver did not open this lock. After several attempts to break this lock; we have determined that it is really a great lock, and we recommend it.


Yes we know, everyone wants the best, but at a great low price. This amazing anti snap lock is affordable and better priced then those other anti snap locks that just don’t work. As your locksmiths Seattle WA we can provide you with an array of useful and quality locks at a great low price. Ask any question about any locking mechanism, and receive quality locksmith service that is perfect for your needs.

Any lock can be replaced, but it’s the type of lock that you buy that needs to be worthwhile. Forchun and Son are your local locksmiths Seattle WA, so contact us today for more details on any lock; let us answer your questions.

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