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Do you need honest automotive locksmith Seattle professionals? Call us for reliable service and a fast 20-minute response to your call. Car lockouts, key duplication, and transponder keys are just some of the services that we offer. We come to your location no matter what time or day it is in our fully loaded Seattle car locksmith van to get you on the road again fast. Although many locksmith choices exist in the area, you shouldn’t look elsewhere for service if it is a dependable car locksmith Seattle expert you need. We have over a decade in business and always put our customers’ needs first!

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Who Can You Trust for Auto Locksmith Services in Seattle?

It is hard to find an auto locksmith service in Seattle, WA company that you can trust, but we like to think that we’re different than the other guys. The difference shows in the reputation that we’ve earned. Over the years we’ve provided auto locksmith services in Seattle that has left people happily satisfied with the results and calling us again for service. We’d love to add your name to that list. We are the key maker who can assist with replacement car keys, ignition key creation or duplication, transponder key creation, and more automotive locksmith Seattle, WA services. And, we do it with pride and with your happiness at the top of our minds.

Our Key Maker Can Create a Transponder Key for You

Our knowledgeable key maker can make a transponder key for you! This special key is becoming more and more common, and is, in fact, the way most new vehicles operate. Most think you need to go to a dealership if you’ve lost your transponder key, but our team as the expertise and the tools to make one. Our car locksmith Seattle crew can also make a new key fob for any make, model, or year of vehicle and do it just as well, if not better, then the dealership. Plus, we do it for a fraction of the cost. Let our locksmith for automobiles Seattle key maker take care of your needs the way they should be taken care of!

Call Us for Replacement Car Keys – Automotive Locksmith Seattle

Our automotive locksmith Seattle is standing by ready to make replacement car keys for you day or night. Whether you’ve lost the key or need a second set, our replacement car keys service has your needs covered. Call our Seattle car locksmiths when you need to copy vehicle key the right way.

We Make Ignition Keys

The ignition key is the most important key that you own. Without the ignition key, you won’t take the vehicle very far! Our auto locksmith Seattle can make a new or replacement key for any make, model, or year of vehicle that you drive. We even make transponder keys!


Automotive FAQ

Why do car keys break?

When a key breaks off in the ignition, make sure you call a locksmith to fix it. Attempting to remove the broken key yourself could cause even more trouble and expense to repair. If the key breaks in the trunk or door lock, you may be able to jar it out, but again it’s a situation best left for the professionals. Car keys break due to many causes ranging from old age to damage. When you call a locksmith, the broken key is quickly removed and repair is made. And, a locksmith can also get new car keys made for you at the same time.

Can a locksmith repair my ignition key?

Ignition key trouble can cause any driver grief, especially when there are places to be and things to do. But, keys do wear out, break and sustain other issues that stop you from getting where you want to go. While a broken key probably cannot be repaired, do not be alarmed. All you need is a highly-qualified locksmith to come out to help by making a band new ignition key. A locksmith can make a new key even when the original isn’t available. It is a service used by people in the area every single day. No matter the vehicle make or model you drive, a locksmith is there to make a new key in the time of need.

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