New Locks Installation Is Best Done by a Professional

At the time of move in it is not known who has a key to any of the locks in the home besides the owner of the house, it is best to have all new locks installed to relieve any doubt. A New Locks Installation should always be completed by a professional locksmith to ensure that they are installed properly. Commercial Locksmith Seattle has many years experience in installing new locks and will ensure that they are installed properly for maximum security. Contact our master locksmiths for any new locks that you need installed, and we will be there promptly to help.

Patio Door Locks Are an Extra Step for House Security

We all love our patios, they help to host our BBQ’s and birthday parties and more, however they can also be the target of forced entry for intruders, which is why Patio door locks can be an extra step for you homes security. Commercial Locksmith Seattle understands that home security is very important which is why we install, repair and replace many patio door locks. Contact our master locksmiths at 206-209-0361 for information on all of the locks we carry to find which ones will be best to fit your doors, homes, and families needs, we will be glad to help you.

24/7 Emergency Service Promptly When You Need It

Have you ever been told that someone would be there quickly and then in the next 2 hours they were there? That is not how it is with Commercial Locksmith Seattle we have a 24/7 Emergency Service and are there promptly when you need it. Do not worry that we will take forever our locksmiths are ready and waiting for your call when you have an locksmith emergency regardless of what it may be. Lockouts, re-keys, break-in repairs, safe and vault openings, and much more. We are there when you need us in a prompt and timely manner each and every time. Call Us for a Broken Key Extraction When Your House Key Is in the Car It is embarrassing, you are on the phone and your young child takes the keys “it’s ok” you think they does it all the time to play with them. You hear a snap and realize they have broken your house key off in the car lock. You have to be to work shortly, call Commercial Locksmith Seattle and we will help with your Broken Key Extraction. Do not try to remove the key yourself as it may damage the lock costing you more money in the long run, we can remove the key and have you on your way quickly, and affordable.