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Door locks are vital when we talk about door entrance security and access. We can keep our homes safe and protected from unforeseen threats with the help of door locks and keys. Our various doors require them to help regulate unwanted movements and provide security. At Forchun and Son Locksmith, your security is our priority, as we have taken it upon ourselves to provide the best locks for your homes, commercial buildings, and even your automobiles as well.

Are you tired of the continual change of the door lock? Do you want to get specialized and personalized key locks to suit your specific door purpose? Well, you have nothing to worry about because, with our locks and keys services here in Seattle, WA, we will always do our best to offer you quality and durable locks that don’t disappoint.



Commercial Door Locks Services – Let’s Get your Businesses Secured

Commercial places such as offices and stores should always have a door, and key lock installation carried out on their door. These locks and keys help to prevent your business from theft and damage. You can easily indicate out-of-bounds areas to your customers by installing a functional door lock and key.

Many people handle commercial doors. Therefore, break the door locks. To avoid situations like this, we are always here for you 24/7 to replace your broken locks with our capable and durable locks. To achieve this, all you need to do is give us a phone call; and we will be at your service immediately.

Do you own a commercial building in Seattle, WA? And you are looking forward to solving your locks issues? Search no more because our company has the best-skilled locksmiths that can help you with any of our services, ranging from installation, replacement, fixing, and repairs of commercial door locks.

Residential Door Lock Services

What assurance do you have of your safety in your home if your doors exist without key locks? The reason why doors have locks and keys is to ensure your safety in your home. Doors alone are not enough. With our residential door lock services, the goal is to secure the doors of your home with the perfect locks and keys.

Due to how good we are at what we do; we also go the extra mile for our customers by educating them on selecting the proper locks and keys for home-usage. Our quality of service at Forchun and Son Locksmith gives our customers more reasons why they continue to choose us for their door service. And guiding them through this step while interacting with our customers helps them build their trust in us while ensuring customer satisfaction is at its peak.

Car Door Locks Services

We also offer car lockout services. You might have come across stories of car thefts where someone else had access to someone else’s car with a duplicate key. We want to help you prevent such occurrences from happening to you. Moreover, we can help you achieve that by employing the expertise of our locksmiths to specially craft and produce a personalized car door lock and key for only you.

Do you have a faculty car door lock? You don’t have to suffer yourself to keep on managing such a car door lock when you can easily reach out to us to fix it up without any delay and even at a very affordable rate. No matter what kind of automobile you drive, we can fix your car door lock.

Door Locks – Get That Guaranteed Security That You Truly Deserve

The importance of having a reliable door lock is numerous as they play a very vital role in our safety and also help prevent intruders from having unwanted access to your door entrance. Here at our company, we offer you a top-notch variety of locks to select from among our various door lock collections. As well, we need to assist you in choosing the right lock that matches the purpose of your door.

We don’t just make or sell locks to you but also have a team of professional Seattle locksmith to assist you with their installation and set up in the twinkle of an eye before you know your door lock is ready to be used. So what’s still preventing you from giving us a call today? Take your phone and place that call today because we are always at your service.

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