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Keys can be replaced with electronic door locks, and they can also be used to add more home automation capabilities like remote locking and unlocking. Numerous cutting-edge security companies offer electronic door locks for houses and businesses, despite the fact that they are most frequently seen on automobiles. If you are also planning to upgrade your house or office from conventional door locks to electric door locks, then hire Forchun and son Locksmith in Seattle, WA.

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We have been in the industry for years now. Our federal way locksmith experts have the experience, knowledge, and training of years to offer excellent installation, repair, and replacement services for electric locks. So, feel free to contact our company for all your other commercial door services.

The Benefits of Choosing Electrified Door Locks Services!

Advanced security locks offer high security for your house and business from thieves and burglars. There are numerous benefits to adopting an electronic door lock for your residences and places of business, including:

No Keys Required:

You won’t need to dig around in your pockets or wallet for the door key whether you’re carrying grocery bags, a child, or both. Keys are not required of you!

Improved Security:

You aren’t required to be concerned about your keys getting lost because they aren’t given to everybody who lives in your house and to some people who don’t. Sharing the code with the individuals you want to have entry to it is all that is necessary. You can easily update the lock’s security code and provide it to those who still require it when you decide not to grant anyone the account access any longer. Simply modify the code as soon as possible and re-distribute it to people who still require it. For some locks, it is feasible to designate various codes for various users at various times.


You can easily keep tabs on who enters and exits your home with an electric lock that can be operated via remote. You have the option to get a text when someone opens your door.

Keeping your child safe:

Does it ever happen when a little child unlocks the front door and leaves? Since they are childproof, keyless electronic locks typically offer better interior safety.

Electric Door Locks – Modern and Advanced Door Locks

Everything is changing in appearance because of technology, which is also making our lives easier. The state of technology is advancing in every aspect of life. Door locks have progressed and been made simple, for instance, a keypad door lock. Electric locks fall under this category of locks with the emergence of smartphone door locks, biometric locks, and many more cutting-edge technical door locks.

There are several different door locks available for tech-savvy consumers to choose from. Electricity is required for the electric lock to operate. Its electronic control may occasionally be put directly on the lock in specific circumstances. It may also be linked to a system that controls access. There should be a backup power source available if you use an electric door lock in the event of an interruption. In cases where there isn’t a power supply, they also include a keyhole. Call Forchun and Son Locksmith in Seattle, WA, today to have your electric door locks installed by trained experts. We are here to provide for your needs more effectively than before.

Electric Door Lock Repair And Replacement Services In Seattle, Wa!

Your digital door locks will frequently stop working for you. Sometimes it can repeatedly happen, causing you to think about a replacement. Of course, your living area security is crucial. You should remove any locks that aren’t functioning properly or are outdated. You may experience problems with smart door locks as well, especially if you have used them for a while without an update. Electrical shocks can interfere with the operation of electronic locks, which are similarly vulnerable to them. In the end, a repair might not be necessary. But it can still be taken into consideration if it will fix the problem.

You should think about getting a replacement or, even better, new components if a repair doesn’t work. These locks are broken down into separate pieces, making them simple to pick. Depending on the extent of the damage, the defective components can be substituted for new ones. Certainly, a locksmith can assist with such a repair or replacement. We at Forchun and Son Locksmith, can ensure that you once more have a security lock that is completely operational thanks to our experience working with such locks.

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