Never get your safes and vaults opened by amateurs

You want to use your safes for long. Sometimes you lose the keys and want to get your safes and vaults opened. How will you do this? You engage a person who can open your safes without breaking the lock or door. Some people will claim they can do this but will break the lock or door in the process. Don’t engage unskilled amateurs to do this kind of a job and regret later. Trust only an expert like Forchun and Son Locksmith in Bellevue WA who has the skills to open the safes with care and attention and save the safe for you. So, call us with confidence.

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We can repair your transponder keys

Can transponder keys be repaired? Many people will say they can’t be. They don’t know that there are experts like Forchun and Son Locksmith Bellevue WA who can do this. Though we may be considered experts only in repairing traditional locks and keys, we make it a point to update us with the technology of all kinds of keys, whether they are mechanical, electronic, digital or computer programmed. For us, any key can be repaired and a transponder key is no exception. So, call us if you have problems with your transponder keys and you will be surprised at our making the keys usable again using our expertise.

Problems with Window gates – We fix them the best way.

As locksmiths, we have a concern for your security. If you call us to fix any problem with your window gates, we won’t stop at doing the repairs you wanted us to do. We look at other weaknesses in your window gates and fix them too because we know that even a small weakness at some place in a window gate is a potential threat to the security of your homes. Forchun and Son Bellevue Locksmith goes beyond repairing your window gates. Furthermore, we aim to make your window gates perfect. So, if you are concerned about your security, get your window gates serviced by us.

Work weekends and make your life better

Can you make your life better by working weekends? We at Forchun and Son Locksmith in Bellevue WA will show you a way to do this. You can make your life better by increasing your earnings and making your life more interesting. You can achieve both if you can work weekends. Moreover, you will be trained on doing some simple repairs on locks. It will be easy for you to learn this work and begin working. You will enjoy this work because it is a creative job and is different from your regular job. You will be happy to earn handsomely by doing something interesting. So, call us at 206-209-0361.

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