Locksmith in Tacoma WA Provide Fast 24 Hour Service

Do you want to install new door locks? Forchun and Son Locksmith in Tacoma WA door locks are manufactured with inclusion of best available mechanical parts. We consider your safety as our first priority by including damage resistant mechanical parts. We are able to offer huge range of door locks to our customers. We have different locks for every door of the house. Front door locks are manufactured with parts that can resist heavy damage in a break-in situation. All kinds of repair services are provided for door locks of your homes and offices.

Locksmith in Tacoma WA Magnetic Locks Can Be Installed on Every Door

Magnetic locks are made of an armature plate and an electromagnet. We are able to offer two types of magnetic locks; Fail safe and Fail secure. Our technicians have manufactured various models of these two types of magnetic locks. Our latest batch of magnetic locks is best for home safety. Fail secure magnetic locks are highly recommended as they remain locked if the power is lost. Forchun and Son Locksmith in Tacoma WA magnetic locks don’t take much time to be installed on the doors. Magnetic locks are considered more authentic when it comes to damage resistance.

Locksmith in Tacoma WA Mobile Home Locks Are Ideal For Home Safety

Are you looking for new door locks? If that’s the case then you must consider mobile home locks. These locks can be installed and uninstalled from a door without utilizing the services of a professional locksmith. Forchun and Son Locksmith Tacoma WA mobile home locks are built with inclusion of latest technology. These doors are ideal to install on the internal doors of the house. Don’t install the mobile home locks on the front door. These mobile home locks are fragile which is why they should be used on internal doors.

Protect Your Property With Our Hard-To-Break Padlocks

Padlocks are the first kind of locks introduced for the protection of property. These locks have a movable shack. The moveable shack needs to go through an opening. The moveable shack is then closed with pressure in order to protect the property. These locks are usually used to protect valuable equipment at commercial sites. Our experts have consistently worked hard on improving the mechanism of padlocks. The latest padlocks are built with better technology and parts. Give Forchun and Son a call at 206-209-0361 to know more about the models of padlocks which we offer to our customers.