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We sell several vehicle security devices. However, we always recommend transponder keys to the customers who ask for our advice. Why do we recommend transponder keys? We know more about the functioning, mechanism and authenticity of the security devices. To us, a transponder key seems to be the most efficient, reliable and affordable security device for vehicles. Forchun and Son Locksmith Renton WA will hand over the transponder key after checking its functioning. You can go ahead and purchase transponder keys for all your vehicles. A transponder key is provided for luxury cars, domestic cars, SUVs, jeeps, vans, motorbikes and trucks.

Locksmith Renton WA

Get Vehicle Locks From The New Range

Car theft seems to be the hot trend. The news of someone’s car been stolen is heard almost every day. In this situation, you must be concerned about your car’s security. Being a locksmith, we can tell you that a vehicle needs to be protected with usage of security device. If you are looking to purchase one, Forchun and Son Locksmith in Renton WA can help you find an affordable, effective and durable security device. We have recently gained the 2014 batch of vehicle locks. Don’t put your vehicle security issue on hold, act now.

Our Window Locks Are Simple To Install

In the market, you will find hundreds of different models of window locks. However, we are only selling 3 models of window locks. You can install all three models on any window type. You do not need to pay extra for the installation of these systems. Furthermore, you can do it yourself. That’s right, save your money and call us right now if you wish to purchase the window locks. Forchun and Son Renton Locksmith believes in selling products which can prove their worth. That’s why we only offer a selective range of products.

Willing To Work Weekends For Your Family’s Security

While you enjoy time with your family at the weekend, we work 24 hours to ensure the security of your family and property. Our staff works in 3 shifts of 8 hours each. Work weekends service was introduced to create more convenience for the customers. Whenever you find ample time, give us a call and we will rush towards your home in order to deliver the services. Locksmith Renton WA allows you to book the weekend services earlier. Our contact number is 206-209-0361 .

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