Peephole installation – Call us for perfect peepholes

When will a peephole be perfect? It should look nice. You won’t like your peephole presenting an odd appearance due to improper positioning. The peephole should be convenient to use. You must be able to look through the hole without your having to bend too low or standing on your toes. You will also like the image to be clear. This will happen only if the lens is fixed properly. If you want a perfect peephole installation satisfying these requirements, come to Forchun and Son Locksmith Seattle WA. We have a reputation for perfection whether it is in repairing locks or in installing peepholes.

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Want to remove broken keys? Do it without breaking the lock!

A key getting broken is bad enough. But you don’t want your locks to be broken too when you try to remove broken keys from inside the locks. The incidence of a key inserted into a lock getting broken may happen due to various factors. The key inserted may be the wrong key and it is shaken vigorously in an attempt at pulling it out. Even if it is the right key, if it is twisted, it may get trapped inside and my break if you turn it vigorously. For safely removing broken keys from the locks, use the expertise of Forchun and Son Locksmith Seattle WA.

Problems with your security systems? We will fix them

Are you concerned about problems with your security systems? You invest in security systems with high expectations. So, even a small problem will be a cause for worry. Whom should you call to get the problems with your security systems fixed? The people you want to engage should have the best expertise relating to security systems. They should also have long experience and a reputation for good service. Forchun and Son Seattle  Locksmith fulfills all these requirements. We will make your security systems deliver the results you expect from them. Moreover, our services are available for a variety of tasks like planning, designing, installing and repairing.

For anything to do with your vehicle locks, get our help

The locks you have in your vehicles have certain functions. They are important for the smooth functioning of your vehicles. However, If your ignition switch lock is not working, you can’t start the vehicle. You can’t run your vehicle if the vehicle door lock does not function. With any problem with your trunk lock, it is not safe to drive your vehicle. You need to fix any problem with your vehicle locks fixed properly. Just as you need a good auto mechanic to fix the problems with your vehicles, you need the services of Forchun and Son Locksmith Seattle WA, the experts in locks. Call us at 206-209-0361.

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