Our locksmiths are certified, licensed, and fast

The residents of Seattle know the fast, reliable, and efficient services of Forchun and Son residential locksmith Seattle. We get to you fast with a fully stocked mobile locksmith workshop, get the job done correctly, and charge a lot less than you might expect. We stock all the major names in lock and key hardware. Locksmith Seattle Washington locksmiths are certified and regularly tested on the knowledge and technical expertise. Before we send a locksmith out to work for you, they first have to pass our tests.

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People know they can count on Forchun and Son Locksmith Seattle Washington friendly yet professional locksmiths to help solve their problem. It is certainly not a prudent decision going out to find a locksmith when you have trouble with your lock or lost your keys of car or apartment door. You are in a hurry and ready to say yes to the first company you find. However, the issue is not simply getting a new set of keys made but also one of safety and security of your flat or car, whichever may be involved. You are compromising the safety and security of your family cars if you deal with a business whose references are unknown to you. However, all residential locksmith Seattle locksmiths are local and known to the people for years. This is why it is easy to have faith in them. Call us any time at 206-209-0361.


We hope you will never need our services

Forchun and Son Residential locksmith Seattle is not a company that you need to deal with on a frequent basis. However, locksmith Seattle Washington are a company whose services become invaluable when you lose keys of any of your locks that you use at home or office or for that matter the lock of your car. Often people misplace their car keys and suffer a lot as they left stranded on roadside.

We have been serving Seattle for 10 years

Many a times, people forget their car keys inside the car and lock the doors. To prevent suffering on your part in such an eventuality, it is prudent to keep the phone number of a car service who you can trust. This is where Forchun and Son Locksmith Seattle Washington comes into picture as it has been providing reliable and efficient services to the people of Seattle for the last 10 years. People know they can expect help from us even during weekends and holidays.

We are Seattle’s favorite locksmith because we never take a day off

Forchun and Son Residential locksmith Seattle is one of the many locksmiths operating in Seattle but the has been able to create a special place for itself in the hearts of the residents. This is because of fast and efficient services provided to the clients at all times by the company. The company provides services on all days of the week including weekends and on can expect help even on holidays. This strategy of the company has won the hearts of the residents and they know which way to turn to in case of an emergency. The profession of lock and key technician is such that it demands quick action from the service provider.


We repair home vaults and off low prices

The name of Forchun and Son residential locksmith Seattle needs no introduction to the residents of Seattle. We have been there in the thick and the thin times of the people of the city. All people make use of locks and no one ever imagines a situation where any of these locks will not work properly or he will lose its keys. Unfortunately, this is what often happens and at these times when they feel harried and worried. Imagine the vault at your home or office suddenly not opening to cause stress and worry to you. There are many safe engineers in the city but it is hard to place your trust on a stranger as it involves the safety and security of your valuables. locksmith Seattle Washington is also offers low prices on all work done.

We take the agony and distress out of a bad experience

However, you know you are in safe hands when you place a call for help to residential locksmith Seattle. This is all because of the trust and confidence the company has earned. Locksmith Seattle Washington realizes the agony and distress of the client in such a situation and makes it a point to rush to the spot as soon as possible. If you are searching for same day service, then look no further.