Ignition switch keys not working? Call us

Though ignition switch keys may be considered auto components, they come under our expertise because they are keys! For us, any key is a key which we can work on. Ignition key problems are of different types. You may find it difficult to turn the key or the key might have got stuck. Sometimes, you just need extra ignition switch keys. Forchun and Son Locksmith in Marysville WA has a solution for all your ignition switch key problems. We are experts in working with delicate keys like ignition switch keys. In fact the more precision you need in working with a key, the greater expertise can we exercise.

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Want your keys copied? Take the help of experts

One of the myths about making key copies is that it is an easy job. It is true that a lot of people have taken up this enterprise. It is not because the job is easy but because there is so much demand. But getting your keys copied is not an easy job. That’s why you find that most of the key copies don’t fit their locks well. You will have to apply extra pressure if you are using these keys. You will be damaging your locks over a period. Forchun and Son Locksmith Marysville, WA takes special care to make your key copies are perfect.

Problems with magnetic locks – We know how to fix them

Repairing magnetic locks is not a job everyone can do. Some locksmiths with no idea of how a magnetic lock works will venture to repair your magnetic locks thinking that but for a magnet inside, a magnetic lock is the same as any other lock. Such misconceptions will lead to faulty repairs, often resulting in permanent damage to the locks. Forchun and Son Locksmith in Marysville WA believes in understanding a lock’s structure and mechanism before repairing it. That’s why we have people well versed in the technology used in making a magnetic lock. Such knowledge is our advantage in fixing the problems with your magnetic locks.

New locks installation – There is a right way to do it

Not many people are aware that installing a lock the right way is an essential prerequisite for the lock’s performance. If you buy new locks but fail to install them properly, you may find the locks giving you problems quite often making you wonder whether you bought the right locks. If you understand the importance of new locks installation, you will make it a point to get them installed properly. Forchun and Son Marysville Locksmith the experts in locks can help you install your locks. We know how to get the new locks installed the right way. Call us at 206-209-0361 for your needs.

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