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Locksmith Seattle – We’re here for ya!

You may think that locksmiths are a dime a dozen, but our locksmith Seattle team will certainly change your attitude entirely. Not only have we served the area with our over a decade in business, we always go above and beyond to provide dependable, honest service when lock issues interfere with your life. Seattle locksmith will come to your home, business or car in our fully loaded van with our fast 20-minute response time, ready to work. At Forchun and Son Locksmith, we’re here for ya & we vow to do things differently than the other guys and we think you’ll appreciate that. Our Seattle locksmith is ready to show you why we’re a trusted name that will never let you down.

Forchun and Son Locksmith, Seattle, WA - We Can Install Master Key Systems

Locksmith Service in Seattle

Our 24-hour emergency company offers locksmith service in Seattle whether it’s home, auto, or business lock problems that have caused concern. Our commercial locksmith service in Seattle team is well-trained in all aspects of commercial locks, and we can send a residential locksmith to your home to fix the lock or key issues you’re facing. Of course, our talented car locksmith experts are never far away and are ready to help you get back on the road no matter what time of day it is. We have an experienced locksmith team that can cater to your every lock need, no matter when the issue takes place.

Phenomenal Car Locksmith Seattle

Our car locksmith Seattle service is one who gets a lot of calls. It seems that many lock issues relate to the car. We will happily rush to your location to assist with your automotive locking needs. Our Seattle, WA locksmith company offers vehicle lockout service for all makes and models of vehicles day and night, but that’s only one of the many available services. We’ll quickly make quality replacement car keys or a new ignition key. We even make a transponder key for drivers who enjoy today’s modern technologies to the fullest. Whatever your auto locksmith Seattle needs might be, our specialists are ready to help.

Forchun and Son Locksmith Seattle

Locked Out? Call Our 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith

It is extremely frustrating to lock yourself out of the car, but it is an experience that many people share. It happens so commonly, in fact, that our 24-hour emergency locksmith service is one of the most requested we handle. Our Seattle locksmith enjoys being there to help when you need us. Call us and we’ll rush a 24-hour emergency locksmith to your location to provide 24-hour lock service that helps you regain your peace of mind and sanity once again. We understand the frustrations associated with a car lockout and help you get back on the road again, leaving those worries behind.

Residential Locksmith Services Available

Need the help of a lock and key expert for the house? We’re proud to offer home lockout services to our valued clients in Seattle. Our locksmith residential experts can also re-key lock and make you a new set of keys if you’ve lost yours and are worried about strangers having access. Locksmith Seattle also handles residential door locks sales and all residential locksmith services that you can think of, and more.

Commercial Locksmith for Your Business Lock Needs

Our skilled commercial locksmith staff handles even the most challenging of commercial door locks issues with ease and efficiency, ensuring that your business is as secure as possible. Call us for responsive commercial locksmith service when you need a security lock, require help for commercial lockouts, and all your other business lock needs.

What should I try before calling a locksmith to take care of my home lockout?

First check all of your windows and doors, and look around for any spare keys that you may have hidden. If you have access to a screwdriver, you may also be able to take the handle or door knob off of your door. But, if you’re worried that you may break something or you have a setup where that wouldn’t work properly, then you want to be sure that you call a locksmith. A good locksmith will show up in less than a half hour and get you back into your home quickly.

How does a locksmith identify the owner of a commercial property during a building lockout?

Authorization to access the commercial space must be demonstrated before a locksmith will help you gain access to the building. Any good locksmith will let the state laws determine the right way to go about this. Some laws state that a piece of mail and photo ID are good enough, other states require a bit more verification. What you should know is that no locksmith is going to open your building or office without proper verification. They are not going to let in the wrong person. If they feel something is wrong with the situation, they will either call police before opening the door or refuse the job altogether.