Commercial Locksmith Seattle – We’ve been around the block!

Not all commercial 24 hour locksmith Seattle companies are created the same. Some companies simply want to earn another dollar and are not overly concerned with their customers’ happiness. We aren’t that locksmith. We’ve proudly served the area with our dependable services and have accumulated over a decade in business as the result. We’d love to come to your business in our fully loaded Seattle commercial locksmith van to help you learn why our 20-minute response time is only one of our best highlights. No matter the type of lock issues affecting your life, our reliable commercial locksmith; Seattle gurus are ready to provide you with the honest services that you need.

Where Can You Find Great Commercial Locksmith Services in Seattle?

Right here with us! Getting stuck with a company that isn’t looking out for your best interests is the last thing your business can afford. Using our commercial locksmith services in Seattle, WA is the solution that works for everyone. We can install a security lock, replace commercial door locks, or provide you with any of our additional services at a great price and with the outstanding quality commercial locksmith services in Seattle offered by our staff that has made us such a successful business over the last 10+ years. Call on us for help with emergency lock problems or for a free estimate on upgrading your lock system.


Our Seattle Locksmith is Your Commercial Lockouts Pro

Being locked out of your business causes loss of money, loss of productivity and endless frustration. Every second matters when you’re experiencing commercial lockouts. It is important to call a Seattle locksmith who understands how much is on the line. Our Locksmith Seattle company is the building lockouts expert, ready to replace locks, repair damage, and do whatever else it takes to get you back inside. Our commercial locksmith Seattle company will handle your lockout needs safely and securely, but with efficiency that gets you inside quicker. Time is money and we do not want you to be outside your facility longer than necessary.

We Repair & Install Commercial Door Locks

It is imperative that your commercial door locks have durable locks that help maintain the safety of your business. When damage occurs or the locks fail to provide this protection, it is time to phone our locksmith company for commercial door locks service. Our locksmith Seattle staff offer a variety of services to accommodate your needs, whether it is a repair, replacement, or a new installation that you need. We can even copy building keys to prevent lockouts and other worries. When it is reliable and expert lock or key services you need at your business; that is exactly what you get when you use our commercial locksmith Seattle services.


Enhance Safety with a Security Lock Install

The security lock install is the best protective methods to use on your commercial business. Many types of security locks exist, each offering its own advantages. No matter which security lock install suits your needs best, you’ll regain comfort and peace of mind that your business is always safe and protected. Use the locks at every point at your facility or only at designed locations. The choice is yours. Phone our commercial locksmith Seattle team when you’re ready to upgrade the locks at your facility to the durable, long-lasting security lock. You will love how wonderfully these locks work and the assurance they provide.

Commercial FAQ

Why is calling a locksmith to help with a building lockout necessary?

It’s not absolutely necessary to call a locksmith to get back into your building, particularly if you can call another person to bring their set of keys. But if that’s not possible, calling a locksmith is much safer than trying to resolve the building lockout yourself. Locks made for commercial use are typically sturdier and more complex than non-commercial locks. A professional locksmith will be able to get you inside your building in a matter of minutes without damaging your locks. An expert locksmith could be the difference between gaining access to your building with no damage or gaining access but needing your lock and keys replaced altogether.

What makes a mortise lock good for my commercial door?

A mortise commercial door lock provides a high degree of functionality and security. The design is meant to withstand high levels of use and its mechanisms are designed to be replaced and serviced quite easily. They are fitted inside the door so it’s harder to for an intruder to get through the door, resulting in higher security. Business owners also like that they can be customized to match the décor and are pleasing to look at. Mortise locks are challenging to install by anyone other than a professional locksmith, but business owners feel they are well worth the service because of their durability and security.

How does a locksmith identify the owner of a commercial property during a building lockout?

Authorization to access the commercial space must be demonstrated before a locksmith will help you gain access to the building. Any good locksmith will let the state laws determine the right way to go about this. Some laws state that a piece of mail and photo ID are good enough, other states require a bit more verification. What you should know is that no locksmith is going to open your building or office without proper verification. They are not going to let in the wrong person. If they feel something is wrong with the situation, they will either call police before opening the door or refuse the job altogether.