Some Customer Stories

“Last summer, while traveling, I was stranded on the side of the road in a thunderstorm arguing with my mother on the phone. Any time I get upset my mind goes to other places. I guess that’s how it happened. I don’t know what possessed me to step out side of the truck that was keeping me warm and dry but I did. My car door locked behind me as I closed it. “Figures”, I thought to myself. I dialed a locksmith in Seattle, WA. I figured that it wouldn’t take too long since I had just left the city limits.

some customer stories - Forchun and Son Locksmith

While I awaited my help, I looked for a tree to sit under. When I saw the headlights slow down and pull over to the side of the road, I felt relieved. In the rain, I was surprised at how fast the locksmith opened the door. He also wanted to charge me a lot for coming out; it was extremely reasonable. I paid him and was grateful to be in a dry place.”


“I recently bought my very first home, naturally I wanted it to be secure, so the first this I did was call a locksmith to give me an estimate of what it would cost to change all of my locks.

I called the first locksmith that came up on yelp, it was Fake Locksmith. The gentleman that answered the phone said “Hello”, this should have been my red flag. I continued by asking him if I had reached Fake Locksmith, he replied “yes”. I asked him how much it would cost to change all of the locks in my new home. He immediately gave me a price that I thought was outrageous. Then I said “But you don’t even know how many locks I have”. He replied “I don’t need to know, I’m a professional”. I was not impressed by this, I told him I would think about it and hung up.

Flustered and a little taken aback, I tried my hand at the second company on the list, a Forchun and Son Locksmith. A young man answered the phone “Forchun and Son Locksmith how may I be of service?” This was the kind of greeting I expected from a professional. I asked the young man how much it would cost to change all of the locks in my home.

He immediately responded “It depends, may I ask why you want to replace all of your locks?”Following my explanation of my situation, he asked whether the locks worked properly and/or if they looked good to me. I replied “yes, I am, very much so, but I don’t know who all has a key and I don’t feel very safe not changing the locks”. The young boy agreed but then asked if I knew what re-keying was. I did not; he explained to me the process of re-keying and said that this was much more cost effective than replacing each lock and just as secure.

I was very happy with the young man’s knowledge and his amicable demeanor. As soon as I told him how many locks I had, he gave me a price that was more than reasonable. I booked with him immediately. He showed up on-time and re-keyed my locks in no time. I would definitely recommend Forchun and Son Locksmith to anyone and everyone. ”


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